CMC Government Supply Encourages Americans to Shop for Products Made in America

In 1985, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation declaring the month of December “Made in America” month. CMC Government Supply encourages Americans to continue support of this tradition and consider products that are Made in America this holiday season.

There are many reasons shopping for “Made in America” products is the right choice when selecting the perfect gift for family and friends.
madeinamericaOne important reason to buy products “Made in America” is that it supports local economy and families.  The companies that manufacture products in the U.S. hire local residents.  Local residents in turn, support local businesses. Strong businesses lead to strong cities. Strong cities lead to strong counties, and so on.

Another reason to seek out “Made in America” products is to support U.S. creativity and innovation.  Americans build excellent, quality products.  It is essential to our livelihood and our future that we enable young engineers and workers to learn and to lead.

“Many Americans prefer to buy American products.  It encourages patriotism, a sense of pride and belonging,” stated Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply. “There are many fine products to choose from. We have quite a variety of items that are made in America.”

For example, this week CMC Government Supply is highlighting products such as rifle parts and magazines from Magpul in Colorado, shotgun accessories from Mesa Tactical in California, sights from EOTech in Michigan, chemical light sticks from Cyalume Technologies in Massachusetts, and all-weather notebooks made by Rite in the Rain in Washington.

Others may enjoy Glock conversion kits from Advantage Arms in Florida, training ammunition from STAction Pro in Florida, or the 4-in-1 Emergency tool from On Duty in California.

One American product that many government departments and agencies as well as businesses including restaurant and retail chains should consider is ArcGIS software by ESRI in California.

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CMC Government Supply Offers GSA Contract Pricing on Emergency Lights and Tough Tactical Gear and Clothing

CMC Government Supply offers a wide variety of gear, equipment, and accessories that public servants use to do their tasks more effectively and safely. Qualifying purchasing agencies and departments can purchase from CMC Government Supply, taking advantage of GSA Schedule 84 Contract pricing and simplicity. Plus, the fiscal year end is the perfect time to stock up on needed supplies for next year.

Light up critical situations with SnapLight Light Sticks from Cyalume Technologies. These lights are non-toxic, waterproof, and buoyant. Because they are non-flammable and don’t produce heat, they are perfect for use around flammable vapors and liquids. Only six inches long, the Light Sticks are available in six colors and stay bright for up to 12 hours. They are lightweight and easy to pack which makes them the smart emergency lighting solution to have on the go.

Mesa Tactical’s Telescoping Recoil Stock Kit for the Remington 870 is one of the most popular products among law enforcement officers who need weapons compact enough for storage and comfortable enough to shoot. CMC customers say the kit is easy to install, stands up to rough handling, and greatly reduces recoil from even the heaviest buckshot and slugs. The stock kit and many more Mesa Tactical products are available on CMC Government Supply’s GSA Schedule 84 Contract.

Another popular CMC Government Supply item has been Vertx tactical lightweight pants. These cotton blend pants stretch for comfort in the field, where the articulated knees and slim fit allow full range of motion, and they look good enough to blend in at the office. A concealed zipper pocket keeps items from falling out as does a rear pocket credential flap.

It’s not too early to think about jackets as autumn is just around the corner. The 8840 Integrity Jacket and 8300 Storm Smock made by Vertx are comfortable and useful additions to any uniform. The jacket is wind- and rain-resistant and serves as a midweight base layer. When the weather turns nasty, the Storm Smock is perfect as a lightweight and durable breathable rain jacket. Learn more about these Vertx products at

Stocking up on needed GSA products is a great use of departments’ funds at the end of the fiscal year as well as preparing for the new year. Find more information about these and other products on CMC Government Supply’s website at