CMC Government Supply Announces 2011 Personal Purchase Program for Qualified Law Enforcement Purchasers

CMC Government Supply is now offering  their 2011 Personal Purchase Program for Qualified Law Enforcement purchasers.  Products offered on the Personal Purchase Program include firearms from Beretta, Benelli and Stoeger.

The Beretta PX4 Storm, 3032 Tomcat, 21 Bobcat and the Stoeger Cougar round out the list of pistols available.  Tactical shotguns from Benelli including the Nova, M2 and the M4 with various options in sights, stocks and barrels are also included in the program. Qualified purchasers are eligible for discounted personal purchase prices and rebates on these and other select firearms with the CMC Personal Purchase Program. Sworn state, county and city law enforcement officers and all federal law enforcement officers qualify.

“Weapons are a personal choice.  We have the best firearms with choices in stocks and sights for officers who protect us and must be prepared for action.  This new Personal Purchase Program is already enabling public safety and law enforcement departments to equip their people with the latest firearms available,” said David Goldstein, President of CMC.

CMC also offers ammunition, Advantage Arms Conversions Kits, protective eyewear, hearing protection products, targets, safety vests, and more.

CMC Government Supply can help your department to find the perfect on or off duty firearm.  If you are interested in the Personal Purchase Program, please go to to request more information.

CMC offers a Law Enforcement Trade In Program

CMC Government Supply can offer federal, state and local police departments and law enforcement agencies a trade in program for their old and confiscated firearms.

CMC Government Supply knows many departments and agencies are using old firearms that should have been upgraded some time ago. With shrinking budgets and difficult capital budget justifications, it is unfortunate fact that many law enforcement and police officers do not have the most up to date equipment with which to do their job and protect themselves and the citizens of their jurisdiction.

CMC has worked with departments to stretch budget dollars using grants, seizure property and cash, confiscated firearms and trade in programs for their used firearms to offset some or all of the cost of upgrading their equipment.

Purchasing new equipment often has to go through a lengthy budgeting and procurement process, trade in programs can usually be done quickly and with little or no expenditure of budget funds.

For more information on how we can create a program for you, contact CMC Government Supply.