CMC Government Supply Is The Go To Source For Light Accessories For Your Shotgun

If you’re just shooting in the dark, CMC Government Supply can shed some light on the situation. With a multitude of shotgun lights to choose from, CMC can get you the right light for your firearm at a great price.

A great choice for your Remington 870, Mossberg 500 or Mossberg 580 is the EOTech Integrated Fore-end Light. The TSFL fore-end light affords the user an incredible tactical advantage through the use of ambidextrous on/off pressure pads at your fingertips. Settings include constant on, momentary, strobe and off.  In high pressure situations you simply tap the pressure pads for activation, never adjusting your grip to do it.  Your hand is always on the fore-end, at the ready making this new integrated fore-end light ideal for Law Enforcement or Home Defense.

Another popular shotgun light is the Surefire 618LM LED Weapon Light for Remington 870. This light replaces the original forend of your Remington 870 shotgun. It has a compact 2 battery system that features a virtually indestructible LED emitter focused by a TIR lens, which produces a brilliant beam optimized for close- to medium range applications. Two switches are integrated into the forend: a momentary-on pressure pad switch (right side) and a constant-on rocker switch (left side). The 618LM generates 200 lumens of output and has a tactical runtime of 2 hours per set of batteries, with gradually decreasing output afterward. The tough polymer body features a molded-in high-friction pad for enhanced grip in wet or cold conditions. CMC also offers the Surefire Scout and Mini Scout line.

An extremely compact tactical gun mount is the Streamlight TLR series. CMC features several models of this light, which has great reviews for its great fit and bright light. It weighs less than 3 ounces and includes 6 interchangeable keys to fit a wide variety of weapons.

The Insight Tech Gear Tactical Illuminator series includes the M3, M3X and M6X models and claim to be in more holsters of police officers than any other brand and mounted on countless defense weapons. These tactical tools include the patented Universal Slide-Lock and have a run time of one hour.

From mini-scout lights to tactical strobe lights, CMC Government Supply can provide the best light source for your firearm and target at a great low price.  CMC Government Supply’s website is located at

CMC Government Supply Officially Named SureFire Distributor

CMC Government Supply is excited to be offering its customers a full line of SureFire products. SureFire manufactures some of the world’s finest illumination and tactical products.

SureFire illumination tools, such as the 6PX Defender, were developed specifically for the needs of law enforcement officers, including SWAT personnel. The 6PXD has a crenellated Strike Bezel that can be useful for self defense in emergency situations.  It also has a click-type tailcap switch to click once for momentary-on, twice for constant-on, and three times for off.  These flashlights produce intensely bright light that can temporarily blind and disorient those on the receiving end, greatly improving officer control. Several models also provide a low-output level useful for low-signature navigation in dark environments, preserving night vision when examining documents, or other close-up work. SureFire flashlights are made for hard use in tough environments, and all are key components of SureFire’s Tactical Trinity® system for law enforcement.

CMC has available the full line of SureFire flashlights for the general public as well. SureFire, the tactical technology company®, manufactures illumination tools that are powerful, compact, rugged and reliable. SureFire flashlights produce optimal beams — no dark holes, rings, hot spots, or shadows.

SureFire weapon lights, including the 618LM for the Remington 870, features a virtually indestructible LED and TIR lens that produces brilliant beam optimized for close- to medium range applications. They are weatherproof and constructed from high strength aerospace aluminum.

Stock and high-capacity magazines are also included in the line of SureFire products. SureFire High-Capacity magazines provide distinct tactical advantages: increased initial firepower in ambush situations; fewer reloads overall, which means less downtime and target distraction in a firefight; fast and easy magazine insertion, even with a closed bolt; less bulk compared to drum magazines, enabling a normal weapon grip.

SureFire silencers and suppressors are available through CMC Government Supply. The entire line of SureFire products can be seen at