NANUK Cases From CMC Government Supply Are A Valuable Resource For Protecting Military Equipment

NANUK Cases for the MilitaryCMC Government Supply wants to help military personnel be confident that their sensitive and costly equipment is safe during transportation and in the field. CMC carries the full line of NANUK protective cases, which all seven sizes have received certification from an independent accredited laboratory based on Impact, Drop, Vibration, Rainfall, Immersion (MIL-STD-810F) and Ingress protection (IP 67). So whatever our military goes through, NANUK cases will be able to withstand as well.

To receive certification in these areas, NANUK protective cases were put through constant and rigorous testing to make sure they can hold up and provide protection to the contents inside. These virtually indestructible, lightweight, watertight cases offer the ultimate grade of protection in a variety of sizes, configurations and colors.

NANUK protective cases meet the needs of government and military personnel for the most diverse and extreme applications, protecting the most sensitive equipment. The cases have interior options such as a padded divider or cubed foam which can be shaped to snuggly protect and carry equipment including navy and avionics, scuba & sub aqua, laptops and other electronic equipment, medical equipment, lab instruments, photographic and multimedia devices, military and technical gear, weapons and sights, GPS devices, and communication systems equipment.

“It is vital that this kind of equipment is stored and transported safely and ready to use for our military personnel. These cases have been subjected to strenuous testing to ensure that they meet the standards and requirements of the most demanding of users,” said David Goldstein, CEO of CMC Government Supply.

NANUK heavy-duty protective cases are a great value and great price and can be purchased through GSA Advantage and DOD EMALL. Each case has a lifetime NANUK warranty making it the perfect case to protect valuable hardware and equipment. The NANUK comes in six colors and can be customized with a custom imprint of your team name, artwork or logo. The optional TSA approved padlock allows you to travel while keeping your contents secure. A NANUK case is the perfect accessory for the military and will weather any storm along with you.

We are thankful for the dedication and services of our military who continue to provide us with protection and security. Our commitment to you is to provide you with products that meet your requirements and make your mission and life easier. We believe these cases are exceptional and will protect valuable military assets,” stated Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply.

NANUK Protective Cases purchased through CMC Government Supply or GSA Advantage and DOD EMALL can be used to protect and transport sensitive military equipment safely and securely around the world and even in outer space.

Most Advantage Arms Conversion Kits and Magazines are IN STOCK for Christmas

Advantage Arms Glock and 1911 Conversion KitsCMC has a huge inventory of Advantage Arms Conversion Kits and Magazines IN STOCK for immediate shipment. CMC is an Authorized Advantage Arms dealer for all of their their .22LR conversion kits and magazines for Glock and 1911 pistols to law enforcement, government and individuals. CMC is located in Dallas, Texas.

Why buy an “Advantage Arms” .22LR Conversion Kit?

  • It allows you to shoot inexpensive .22 Long Rifle ammunition so that you can shoot longer and more often.
  • Turns your Glock or 1911 into an ideal pistol for first time shooters.
  • Makes a great tool for teaching women and young adults how to safely shoot a pistol without the intimidation of larger calibers.
  • Less destructive to targets and surrounding structures when used for law enforcement training.
  • Advantage Arms .22LR kits come with our exclusive “Last Round Lock Open” feature not offered by other manufacturers.