CMC Government Supply Expands Customer Service and Support To Law Enforcement

This week is National Police Week and CMC Government Supply is proud to support Law Enforcement this week and all year long. CMC is committed to serving Law Enforcement and has recently expanded their level of service and offerings to law enforcement officers.

CMC Government Supply is committed to providing great customer service, special events, education and training opportunities, and unique and reliable products.

“We want to provide the best possible customer service to law enforcement.  We appreciate the difficult and demanding work they do for their respective communities, which benefits the entire nation as a whole.  We have been attending conferences and events enabling us to meet more officers, discuss their needs, and provide them with what they need to do their job. We also provide quick turnaround on requests for quotations and information which police departments appreciate,” stated David Goldstein, President of CMC Government Supply.

Police Departments also appreciate CMC Government Supply hosting an annual special event called “The Ultimate Shooting Event” where Law Enforcement officers are invited to come see new products, learn new tactics, shoot weapons, and eat some barbecue.

CMC also shows their level of commitment through participating in LE Annual Conferences, Training Events, and other shows.  Over the past year, CMC Government Supply has been to Texas Tactical Police Officers Association SWAT Conference, Texas Police Association Annual Conference, IACP Conference, Texas Police Chief’s Annual Conference, Texas Chief Deputies Association Conference,  Sheriff’s Association of Texas Training Conference and the DPS EMC Emergency Management Conference.

Education and Training are of vital importance and CMC has recently produced a series of videos on Benelli shotguns.  Be watching for their addition to CMC’s You Tube channel and soon.  CMC is also offering Benelli and Beretta Armorers Classes to its Law Enforcement customers.  These classes help to educate and train officers on how to be safer and more efficient while maintaining their firearms.

CMC provides unique and reliable products to Law Enforcement.  CMC Government Supply has a Class 3 License for NFA Firearms which includes suppressors, short-barrel shotguns and rifles for Law Enforcement.  Trustworthy accessories and gear from brands such as Advantage Arms, EOTech, Mesa Tactical, 5.11 Tactical, Blackhawk, Magpul, and SureFire are available.  Finally, CMC carries a wide range of firearms with special LE pricing for personal purchase and agency purchase.  Featured firearms include Barrett Firearms, Benelli, Beretta USA, Sako, Stoeger, and Tikka T3.  To view all the products CMC Government Supply has available to law enforcement, visit the website at

CMC Government Supply Makes Working in the Rain Less Dreary with Rite in the Rain Products

CMC offers Rite in the Rain Products which are completely recyclable and environmentally friendly.

DALLAS, TX  April 10, 2012 – Law Enforcement and Public Safety officers do not stop doing their jobs just because the weather doesn’t cooperate. In fact, in inclement weather, the workload often increases. These officers shouldn’t have to mess with non-functioning resources just because the weather isn’t ideal.

This is the reason CMC Government Supply is a proud distributor of Rite in the Rain products and features many products on their website. Rite In the Rain products are produced using an all weather writing paper made specifically to shed water in any weather condition including rain, snow and ice. Rite in the Rain products ensure all of your notes and data survives in all weather and all emergency conditions.

Rite in the Rain features products such as field interview, fire incident report and pocket notebooks. Another useful resource is their damage assessment placards, which come in red, green and yellow.

What all-weather notebook would be complete without a pen? The All-Weather Tactical Black Clicker Pen can write on wet paper and upside down in temperatures from -30F to 250F.

CMC stocks Rite in the Rain products for Police, Fire, EMS, CERT, Public Safety and Emergency Responders and we can special order and supply any customer any J L Darling Rite in the Rain product, including custom made all weather products.

And unlike many other all weather-writing products, you can still feel good about protecting the environment with Rite in the Rain products, as they are totally recyclable just like standard paper. Simply recycle Rite in the Rain as you do other white or printed papers.

The last thing our law enforcement and public safety officers need to worry about is if they are able to record important details while working in the rain. Make sure they have the tools they need from CMC Government Supply.  To review the entire Right in the Rain Product Line, go to