CMC Government Supply is a Law Enforcement Distributor of Indestructible Ray O Vac Flashlights

Having an unreliable flashlight is not only an inconvenience to law enforcement personnel but can put them in danger at anytime. Ray O Vac Industrial Grade LED Indestructible Flashlights from CMC Government Supply are not only reliable but tough.

These Ray O Vac lights go through a 30-foot drop test to guarantee their “tough” internal engineering and their unique metal and rubber design. The rubber head and tail cap act as shock absorbers while the body is made from aluminum titanium alloy. The ergonomic design has a thumb area built in and is durable yet simple.

Another key feature which is of importance to law enforcement is that they use standard replaceable batteries.  There is no need to recharge a battery or use proprietary, hard to find batteries.  Keeping a supply of standard batteries in a tactical bag with the light is easy and effective for officers and detectives.

This product line includes the indestructible flashlight which has a brightness of 120 lumens and 19 lumens on energy saving mode. It runs on 3AAA batteries, which are included and has a beam distance of 160 meters. This high power flashlight package is priced at $19.99.  The indestructible headlight is also offered for $12.99.  It has a brightness of 35 lumens and 11 lumens on energy saving mode and a beam distance of 24 meters.  It will run for 19 hours or 40 hours on energy saving mode.

In addition, it is important for an officer or emergency personnel to have the ability to light or view an area.  A hand held lantern can provide bright light for an extended distance.  Ray O Vac’s Industrial Grade LED Indestructible Lantern has a brightness of 150 lumens and 50 lumens on energy saving mode and a beam distance of 350 meters. It will run for 20 hours or 78 hours on energy saving mode.  This lantern is an excellent value at $24.99.

All of these lights with high performance LEDs are water resistant and have a lifetime guarantee.  The price, features and ability to use standard batteries make these lights a viable option for Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments.  They will be fully satisfied with Ray O Vac light sources offered by CMC Government Supply.  For more information, visit

Municipalities Can Create Uniformity With Safety Vests Offered by CMC Government Supply

In any local emergency, whether it be a neighborhood fire or a downtown vehicle accident, it is important that all municipal employees be clearly identified for their own safety as well as for the safety of others. It is vital that community members can easily identify these local emergency responders so they know who to go to for help as well as who to heed instructions from.

Safety vests are a standard part of the work uniform for municipal employees, however, safety vests from CMC Government Supply offers another level of easily recognizable identification that is customized made for police, fire and road crews.

CMC Government Supply carries the full line of PIP Safety Gear Products including ANSI Class 2 Mesh Solid Public Safety Vests, which has many key features but most of all allows for easy access to utility belts for municipal workers. This vest is 100% percent polyester breathable mesh fabric on top and durable polyester solid fabric on bottom. It comes in several color variations to keep uniformity within different departments. It also can easily be customized with municipal logos.

CMC Government Supply encourages municipal entities to consider the full line of highly visible PIP Safety Gear Products.  This includes High Visibility hats, jackets, coats, pants and vests.  For more information on safety vests for your city, agency or department, please send a request to