CMC Government Supply Adds Jersey Tactical Gear

Law Enforcement agencies looking to enhance entry and crowd control can find the full line of Jersey Tactical equipment and other law enforcement gear at CMC Government Supply.

CMC Government Supply is proud to be an authorized Jersey Tactical Law Enforcement Distributor offering their full line of patrol entry, disposable restraints and breaching tool  products. Jersey Tactical is a police officer owned business based in Bloomsbury, New Jersey.  Jersey Tactical provides the very best American made equipment for first responders. Jersey Tactical began out of necessity for products that made practical sense in the field.

The Jersey Tactical Corporation (JTC) Claw and the JTC Claw Pro is a multi-purpose breaching tool that looks similar to a Halligan tool. The JTC Claw was specifically designed to meet the needs of Law Enforcement. The Claw was designed as the one and only breaching tool needed by patrol officers because if you can’t get in, you can’t render aid or resolve an event requiring law enforcement. The Claw comes in a 24″ and 30″ length, and weighs about ten pounds. The Claw was designed to be one tool that can be used by patrol officers or SWAT as a ram, prying tool, padlock defeater, window porting/raking tool and as a sledgehammer.

Jersey Tactical makes a variety of products in addition to the JTC Claw and JTC Claw Pro including:

The Wedge Ram that allows you to run a full ram in a tight hallway and to wedge strike the seam of the door thus allowing the breacher to angle himself at a 45-degree angle to the door instead of the traditional 90 degree hit.

The Jersey Cuff compact flexible restraint that is extremely hard to defeat by criminals. Almost every flexible restraint on the market is currently being defeated by criminals. They are being “slipped”, broken or picked. The Jersey cuff is approximately 1/5 the size of most disposable restraints on the market and features a one “pull tab” that allows the operator to secure both hands with one pull.

“We choose only the best products so that our Law Enforcement Customers are protected with the best possible gear,” stated David Michael, CMC Government Supply Vice President. “We are the right company to be their source for products such as firearms, sights, night vision, thermal imaging, body armor and ballistic protection gear, training aids, clothing and more.”

To learn more about Jersey Tactical products, Law Enforcement agencies can CLICK HERE or contact CMC Government Supply directly by calling 972-960-0800, extension 1.

Flashbang Instructor Certification Update From CTS Training Institute

Flashbang Instructor Certification courses improve the safety of your team and their response to dangerous and potentially harmful situations. Proper education in less than lethal use of force helps officers enagage suspects appropriately while acting responsibly. In 2008, CSI began a policy requiring current instructor training certificates for the purchases of Flash-Bangs, Tear-Balls, and Sting-Ball Grenades. CSI recognizes “Flash-Bang Instructor Certification” training certificates from other manufacturers, state accredited law enforcement training, and other professional sources deemed credible, such as the National Tactical Officers Association and the California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO).

Flash Bang Instructor TrainingThe CATO Academy has launched an online Flashbang Instructor Update course to recertify officers for ensured dependability and accuracy in using flash bangs. CSI will recognize this online course as meeting the requirement for the purchase of these devices. Paul Ford, VP of Sales and Marketing, congratulated CATO on this training development. “This online certification course is a first, a real continuing education piece for officers needing instructor recertification,” said Ford, “it allows for officers to continue their education, stay up-to-date on accuracy measures gained when using less than lethal munitions.”

The CATO Flashbang Instructor Update is available to all US police officers. The curriculum reviews the basics, while presenting new information, legal issues to ponder, and relevant history. With this program CATO is filling a much needed gap in advanced tactical training with a course that is conducted entirely online at a very reasonable cost. For a $15 digital membership to CATO and $50 course tuition one can attend.