CMC Government Supply Enables Customers to Extend Their ArcGIS Capabilities With Desktop Extensions

CMC Government Supply is featuring the top selling ArcGIS for Desktop Extensions and Desktop Software this month. ArcGIS Desktop Extensions enable customers to do more with their existing software by providing tools which allow for more sophisticated and specific tasks specific.

One of the most requested extensions is the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst that provides a range of spatial modeling and analysis tools. Spatial Analyst allows customers to derive answers from their data using advanced spatial analysis with spatial modeling and analysis tools. Find the best location, analyze risk, calculate cost of travel, or visualize patterns with this extension. It is available in single use or concurrent use license as are all the licenses.

Another popular and useful extension is 3D Analyst. 3D Analyst enables customers to analyze their data in a realistic perspective providing advanced visualization, analysis, and surface generation tools. Police and security personnel gain more complete situational awareness, while military personnel can perform realistic mission and flight path analyses of potential threats. 3D Analyst has benefits for civil engineers, facility managers, city developers and geoscientists as well.

If dynamic modeling of realistic network conditions is desired, Network Analyst provides network-based spatial analysis, such as routing, fleet routing, travel directions, closest facility, service area, and location-allocation.

Data Interoperability gives users the ability to integrate nonnative data into their GIS and share it with others who do not use ArcGIS. Over 110 spatial data formats are supported.

“People all over the nation use these great extensions to give an up-to-date and realistic picture of their data. ArcGIS for Desktop is the base and these extensions provide the tools needed for the more specific and detailed analysis required,” says Debby Parker of CMC Government Supply.

ArcGIS for Desktop software is also available and those requiring additional licenses will want to do this through CMC Government Supply. For more information, visit

CMC Government Supply Featuring New Getting To Know ArcGIS For Desktop Book

DALLAS, TX February 26, 2013 – CMC Government Supply, a GIS product supplier for over 20 years, is now offering the newest book available by ESRI Press, Getting To Know ArcGIS for Desktop, Third Edition.

“The success of this series of books and software is great.  This learning tool is valuable and can help a company or department learn and try the software before they invest in it. It is highly recommended,” stated Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply.

This workbook introduces the principles of GIS via hands-on exercises. Readers are shown how to use ArcGIS for Desktop software tools to display and present maps and data, and then query and analyze the data. The third edition has been reorganized and includes new topics such as exploring online resources and raster data and contains new exercises, data, and learning tools.

Known for its broad scope, clarity, and reliability, Getting to Know ArcGIS for Desktop is equally well suited for classroom use, independent study, and as a reference. A data DVD for working through the exercises is included with the book, and access to a 180-day trial of ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop is provided.

Using this book and trial software is a great way to determine if it is a product that will aid in increasing productivity and achieving goals.

Some of the key features of ArcGIS Desktop that are highlighted in the Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop workbook include, spatial analysis, data management, mapping and visualization, map projections, geocoding, and advanced editing and customization.

Once users have completed the trial period and are ready to own ArcGIS , CMC Government Supply also offers single or concurrent user software licenses for ArcGIS for Desktop Basic and extensions for users to accomplish special tasks and analysis.

For more information on the Getting To Know ArcGIS For Desktop, Third Edition Workbook see http://