CMC Government Supply Encourages Customers To Save On 123A Lithium Batteries By Buying In Bulk

DALLAS, TX  July 16, 2013 – Everyone knows that buying in bulk can save money and is much more convenient to have an abundant amount of frequently used items on hand. CMC Government Supply wants to encourage law enforcement departments and agencies to take advantage of buying Rayovac Lithium 123A batteries by the case.

The need for batteries is ever present within law enforcement agencies between powering flashlights, headlamps, weapon lights and various electronics. By purchasing one or more cases of 100 123A lithium batteries agencies will save lots of money.  Quantity discounts are available online.

Rayovac CR123A batteries are made by Panasonic USA, a company that makes makes many of the CR123A ‘brands’ you already know including Surefire, Streamlight and many others. Perhaps the best CR123A battery made, at any price.

Many agencies prefer the energy-dense 123A lithium batteries because of their many advantages over alkalines, such as higher power density, superior voltage maintenance, lower weight, wider temperature tolerance, 10-year shelf-life, and built-in heat/fault protection.

Rayovac’s CR123A lithium batteries provide the power source most used in today’s electronics, cameras and high power flashlights. Lightweight and durable these batteries perform well in extreme temperatures from -4 to 140° F. Depend on Rayovac’s 123A lithium batteries to provide long-lasting performance at a great price.

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Get Up Close To Summer Action With Steiner Binoculars Available At CMC Government Supply

DALLAS, TX  July 9 , 2013 – What better time to invest in a professional high-quality pair of binoculars than this summer. Summer is the time when you need to make sure you are seeing everything there is to see, whether at a game, on the lake, traveling or hunting. CMC Government Supply has many great options when it comes to high-quality binoculars. CMC carries a full line of Steiner binoculars. Steiner has over 50 years of success and innovation in optics technologies.

CMC Government Supply is featuring two of their most popular Steiner binoculars, one of which is the Steiner Champ 8×22 Lightweight Premium Binocular.  This binocular is compact, lightweight and affordable. They fit easily in your purse, pocket or briefcase, so there is no reason to miss any of the action. The Steiner Champ is perfect for sporting events, camping trips, sightseeing or backyard birding. Its best feature is the Steiner name, so you know the optics will be bright and crisp. High-Contrast coatings on every lens ensure high performance and more comfortable viewing. The Fast Close-Focus keeps everything sharp and clear, even as close as 9 feet. Waterproof construction and rugged rubber armoring absorbs any bumps or abuse. At just 8.7 ounces, this is truly a featherweight Champ.

Another popular option is the Steiner Champ 10×26 Lightweight Premium Binocular. With the new feather light Steiner Champ binoculars, you can experience life up close. Loaded with features found on binoculars costing much more. Whether it’s camping, birding, hiking or the kids’ soccer game, the Fast-Close-Focus keeps the action right at your fingertips. Rubber armoring with molded traction bars provides a firm grasp and the ergonomic eyecups keep the sun out of your eyes. With the Steiner Champ, you are always living life up close. With 10x magnification you get closer to the action, even in the cheap seats. The larger 26mm objective gathers plenty of light while the ergonomic eyecups keep side glare and wind at bay. Molded traction bars provide a steady grip. For added convenience, it comes with a neck strap and padded travel case

To make Steiner binoculars part of your sightseeing this summer, visit CMC Government Supply’s website at