CMC Government Supply Features New Body Armor Products from Armor Express

Armor Express is known for its dedication to saving lives by providing body armor products that provide superior protection, comfort, and wearability. CMC Government Supply is featuring their latest products for 2015.

The Raven Tactical Carrier was designed with tactical operators in mind. Featuring Trilogrid laser cut outer webbing and an aggressive structure, this vest is a fully customizable tactical carrier solution. It has ambidextrous knife sleeves, utility ports on the shoulder pads and the front of the carrier, and a 3D spacer mesh inner lining for air channeling and heat reduction.  Other features include a Kangaroo utility pouch for documents and equipment, adjustable cummerbund that can accommodate soft armor inserts, and bottom loading rifle plate pockets on the front and rear.

Also new for 2015 are the Rapid Base and Responder Base Plate Carriers. The Rapid Base is easy to put on and has adjustable shoulder straps and side straps. The MOLLE webbing platform on the front and back allows for the addition of pouches to carry magazines, flashlights, tourniquets, IFAK and more.  The plate pockets accommodate NIJ III and IV hard armor plates, capable of stopping center fire rifle rounds.  Placed over soft lower level duty armor, it is an affordable and effective tool for any active shooter scenario.

responderbase1The Responder Base Plate Carrier also equips officers with protection from high caliber threats.  It has front and rear plate pockets that can accommodate 10” x 12” plates, up to 1.25” thick.  The Responder Base has a padded mesh interior lining as well as padded adjustable shoulder straps.  The MOLLE platform and MOLLE Cummerbund offers additional modularity and attachment points.  The cummerbund is removable and comes in two sizes, XS-M or L-2XL.  Additional features of the Responder Base are the two front hook and loop pockets for extra magazines and storage.

Every officer needs individual protection for the situations he or she may encounter. CMC Government Supply can assist officers in choosing the right Rifle Plates which come in various levels of protection, size and cut.  Armor Express Rifle Plates are made of the strongest and lightest material and are tested to stop threats.  New this year and built for maximum protection is the C-Shock Concealable Rifle Plate. It fits into a 5” x 8” tactical carrier pocket. Covered in a durable rubberized coating, it is 0.5” thick and weighs 1.7 lbs. This is a single curve plate that provides protection against .357 cal, .44 cal, 5.56mm, and 7.62mm rounds.  The C-Shock is also available in different sizes.

Adding functionality is easy with a full range of Base Pouches that are compatible with all MOLLE platforms.  New pouches come in black or ranger green and are constructed of fade resistant, moisture repellent 1000 Denier nylon.

“We are proud to carry the Armor Express line of excellent protective products”, says Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply. “We want our Law Enforcement partners to be well protected, and these new products offer unique design and features as well as the best in quality and safety.  They are made in the USA by a company that has a passion for saving lives.”

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CMC Government Supply Encourages Americans to Shop for Products Made in America

In 1985, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation declaring the month of December “Made in America” month. CMC Government Supply encourages Americans to continue support of this tradition and consider products that are Made in America this holiday season.

There are many reasons shopping for “Made in America” products is the right choice when selecting the perfect gift for family and friends.
madeinamericaOne important reason to buy products “Made in America” is that it supports local economy and families.  The companies that manufacture products in the U.S. hire local residents.  Local residents in turn, support local businesses. Strong businesses lead to strong cities. Strong cities lead to strong counties, and so on.

Another reason to seek out “Made in America” products is to support U.S. creativity and innovation.  Americans build excellent, quality products.  It is essential to our livelihood and our future that we enable young engineers and workers to learn and to lead.

“Many Americans prefer to buy American products.  It encourages patriotism, a sense of pride and belonging,” stated Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply. “There are many fine products to choose from. We have quite a variety of items that are made in America.”

For example, this week CMC Government Supply is highlighting products such as rifle parts and magazines from Magpul in Colorado, shotgun accessories from Mesa Tactical in California, sights from EOTech in Michigan, chemical light sticks from Cyalume Technologies in Massachusetts, and all-weather notebooks made by Rite in the Rain in Washington.

Others may enjoy Glock conversion kits from Advantage Arms in Florida, training ammunition from STAction Pro in Florida, or the 4-in-1 Emergency tool from On Duty in California.

One American product that many government departments and agencies as well as businesses including restaurant and retail chains should consider is ArcGIS software by ESRI in California.

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