CMC Government Supply is Authorized Reseller of Cyalume ChemLight Infrared Light Sticks and Markers

CMC Government Supply is an Authorized Reseller of Cyalume Technologies’ Law Enforcement products.  Many of these products are important tools for Law Enforcement and Homeland Security personnel performing special operations and training at night.

Of particular importance are ChemLight Infrared (IR) Light Sticks and Markers because IR lights are invisible to the human eye. They can only be seen with night vision goggles and devices.  ChemLight Infrared products are used for such things as marking vehicles and objects as well as personnel and K9 units. They are also used in signaling and to  mark landing zones.  From an aerial vantage point, locating an IR light or marker can be speedy and efficient. Deployed in a number of ways by tactical teams, units, special operations, and more, these military grade IR light sticks can make a difference when it counts.

A special feature of the ChemLight IR Light is a hook and gate top for hanging or attaching the light. They are durable, waterproof and float in water.  The body is made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and the illuminating chemical substance is non-toxic and non-flammable. These products phthalate free for environmental and personal safety. All Cyalume products have a three-year shelf life.

41xc7K4WQkLThe infrared light sticks are available in three or eight hour durations and in lengths of four, six or fifteen inches. Activating the Cyalume IR Light Stick is a simple as bending, snapping and shaking to achieve instant infrared light that works every time.

The ChemLight LightShape Circle Markers are 3” round shapes with adhesive backing to affix to assets, vehicles, and structures.  Simply pressing the center of the circle provides instant IR illumination for 3 or 8 hours.

Another unique option is the Flexband Chemiluminescent (IR) which is a 7.5 inch circular band that can easily attach to wrists, tree branches, door knobs, or anywhere a covert marker is needed.

“IR lights are invaluable tools. They can provide mission-critical information when deployed at night or low-light. We choose to provide Cyalume ChemLights which are made in the USA and are very safe and dependable. They are the preferred choice for IR lights in specialized military and law enforcement tactical operations,” stated Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply.

Cyalume IR products are ITAR-controlled, and only available to US military and law enforcement. CMC Government Supply offers Cyalume products through BuyBoard or online at

CMC Government Supply To Showcase New Products At Sheriff’s Training Conference

CMC Government Supply will be exhibiting new products at the 134th Annual Sheriff’s of Texas Training Conference in Dallas July 21-24.

Some of the new products CMC will show at the conference are by Cyalume Technologies. Cyalume Technologies is the sole provider of chemiluminescent light sticks to the United States Military, NATO, and FEMA. Now, public safety officials can benefit from this very same technology.  From crime scenes to fires to HAZMAT spills, power outages, severe weather, evacuations, or motor vehicle breakdowns and crashes, being able to quickly see what is going on is an essential step to providing public safety.

CMC Government Supply will be showing Cyalume Alternative Flares. These flares include a 10” SnapLight lightstick and a metal bipod stand to provide 2 hours of illumination.  High Intensity Flares which provide 30 minutes of high-intensity light are also available.  These flares are an alternative to consider as they are environmentally friendly and last four times longer than traditional flares.  Cyalume Alternative Flares do not spark and create a fire hazard and do not require special shipping or storage of hazardous materials.  They can be safely used and stored which any Sheriff will appreciate.

CMC also sells various infrared (IR) products by Cyalume Technologies exclusively to law enforcement and military. These chemical light sticks and markers used with night vision equipment can be used to mark locations, helicopter landing zones, identify friendlies and illuminate areas in the cover of dark and are only visible when using night vision equipment.

One of the best things about Cyalume Technologies’ products is that they are made in the USA and Sheriff’s Departments can be proud they are purchasing from American companies.

Other products CMC will be showcasing are from Benelli. Benelli shotguns are known for their reliability, especially when your life depends on it. CMC Government Supply is an official distributor of the full line of Benelli tactical shotguns including the M4, the M2, Nova, and SuperNova.  There are many options to meet officer’s needs and preferences including standard open rifle sights, tritium ghost ring sights, standard ComfortTech stock, Pistol grip stock, 3 position collapsible stock, magazine extensions, shell carriers and more.

“We are very proud that we can offer such high quality and reliable firearms to our Texas law enforcement officers and look forward to showcasing these tactical shotguns at the Sheriff’s Conference in Dallas,” said CMC Government Supply CEO, David Goldstein. “We recently have produced a series of videos to demonstrate these shotguns and their unique features.  This is another way that we can assist in providing the best possible service, enabling law enforcement professionals to select a shotgun that meets their needs.”

To view new video demonstrations of Benelli tactical shotguns visit and stop by CMC Government Supply’s exhibit at Sheriff’s Training Conference.