CMC Government Supply Equips Teams With GSA Products For Emergency Preparedness and Response

Government agencies can get their Emergency Response products from CMC by using their GSA Schedule 84 contract. Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Government agencies, Military, and CERT Teams are eligible for special pricing using GSA Advantage or GSA Cooperative Purchasing.

onduty4in1toolEvery responder knows that finding out you don’t have the right tool for the job in the middle of an emergency can ruin your day. Stay prepared at all times with the On Duty 4 in 1 Emergency Tool. This lightweight, heavy duty multi-purpose tool can perform four important functions during an emergency. The special patented design allows you to shut off gas valves with maximum leverage and minimal effort. With its special slotted handle, it can handle larger commercial gas valves as well.  The 4 in 1 Emergency Tool shuts off water valves too. Its special design fits on most water meter shut off valves, allowing you to shut off water from the street.

Two other features include a pry bar for maximum leverage to open doors and a built in rubbish claw to quickly dig through debris.  The 4 in 1 Emergency Tool is made with high quality materials to ensure reliability and safety. Made in the USA, it is heat treated, will not rust or spark, and weighs less than 1 pound.

In an emergency, removing victims from the area requires the proper equipment. The Foldable Stretcher & Splint Kit from Armor Products packs easily in a backpack. It unfolds to 40”x70” and includes two waterproof splints. The placement of the splints provides support and protection to the head end of the stretcher. It comes in a 15”x20” mesh storage bag and has a capacity of 600 pounds.

Rescue and recovery operations are easier with Armor Bags’ Victim Recovery Bag. These heavy duty vinyl coated mesh bags securely transports a victim or standard poly body bag. Ideal for use during water rescue operations, they come with a full length non-corrosive zipper, 10 handles for ease in transport, and a 700 pound capacity. These bags are in perfect for both human and animal rescue and recovery.

When you need emergency lighting, SnapLight Emergency Light Sticks by Cyalume are the perfect answer. Ideal for your emergency bags, CERT Teams, rescue operations, and as standard emergency equipment for EMS and Law Enforcement, SnapLight Light Sticks are available in a multitude of colors. They come with operational times of up to 12 hours and lengths of 6 inches.

“Customers have commented on the usefulness of these Light Sticks”, says Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply. “Most users report that the Cyalume products are much brighter than competitors and last longer. They aren’t just for government teams or organizations. Many people keep them in the trunk of their car, or throw some in their pack when camping or hiking. They can even be used to signal rescuers in an emergency.”

In addition, the Cyalume Ultra High Intensity Flare Alternative offers a high intensity, super bright orange SnapLight that lasts 30 minutes.  With an attached wire stand for easy placement, they are visible up to one mile, and they have superior performance in warm and cold conditions. Ideal for accident scenes, they can be used in wet or dry weather. They are available in boxes of 12.

CMC Government Supply offers quality tactical gear and emergency equipment to government department and agencies through GSA Advantage, GSA Cooperative Purchasing or through BuyBoard. These products are also available online for personal purchase. For more information on these products and ordering, please call or visit

CMC Government Supply Now Offers the Latest in IR Tracking Products

CMC Government Supply is proud to announce that they now carry Cyalume Total IR infrared detection powder. This innovative product is ideal for use in border patrol operations, crime scenes, tracking and locating, and other tactical operations.

According to Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply, this product is a great addition to their company’s line of tactical products. “Cyalume Total IR can be a valuable tool for law enforcement and border operations. For example, with this product, agencies can now follow a trail of footprints for up to 48 hours after the initial incident.”

513b6b+MjlLTotal IR is a spreadable, infrared emitting powder that can resemble ordinary soil. It is non-toxic and cannot be distinguished by the human eye, requiring a night vision device to view. Total IR is an undetectable way to guard restricted areas, fence lines, trespass areas, or crime scenes. The product has a slight tackiness to it, allowing it to adhere to shoes, tires, or clothing. This makes it the perfect tracking tool for border and restricted entry areas. Total IR will emit IR light from 36-48 hours after deployment, depending on environmental conditions. The best results are achieved when deployed in a low humidity environment, making it perfect for southern border control operations. When used indoors, Total IR will produce light for up to a full week.

Total IR comes in a one pound bag in either loam or sand tinting. It is only sold to law enforcement and US military agencies, and can be purchased from CMC Government Supply directly or through BuyBoard. For more information, visit