CMC Government Supply Marks June as National Safety Month by Featuring Protective Gear

CMC Government Supply is using National Safety Month to remind everyone to reduce their safety risks. Successfully reducing risks involves realizing risks and removing or controlling them before an accident happens. The theme of this year’s safety month is “It takes us all” and CMC Government Supply encourages increasing safety precautions and reducing risk by using the right tools.

One of those tools, a 201-piece emergency preparedness kit is on sale this month at CMC Government Supply. Including nearly all of FEMA’s recommended emergency items, the kit is stored in a durable red duffel bag that has extra room to allow for additional gear. For more information about the emergency kit and to see a complete listing of the kit’s contents, visit

Other popular prepackaged kits are CMC Government Supply’s first aid kits and portable eye wash kit. First aid kits are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from containing 81 pieces up to 580. The eye wash kit contains two 16-ounce bottles of sterile eye wash solution to provide temporary relief until the victim can reach medical professionals. More information about these kits can be seen at

As for wearable protection, CMC Government Supply carries Class 2 mesh high-visibility vests for outside workers, volunteers and sports enthusiasts who exercise outdoors in the early morning and evening hours.  The fluorescent yellow lime vest ( reflects headlights and is visible even during inclement weather. Custom logo imprinting is available with larger orders.

CMC Government Supply is an excellent source for safety glasses and goggles, as well as hearing protection. To view the full list of competitively priced glasses, most of which are scratch-resistant and high-impact , visit To protect hearing even in loud environments, CMC Government Supply sells disposable foam ear plugs and ear muffs that offer varying degrees of decibel reduction.

Another important piece of wearable safety gear is gloves, which are needed in all kinds of situations—food handling, cleaning, infant care, patient care, salon service, mechanical repair, gun cleaning, and other types of similar jobs. CMC Government Supply many types of gloves with varying levels of protection. To see the complete list, visit

To learn more about National Safety Month, visit and to view the full list of products offered by CMC Government Supply, visit



CMC Government Supply Offers Reliable Gear To Prepare For Severe Weather And Flood Safety Weeks

CMC Government Supply carries nearly everything people need in order to get ready for spring’s severe weather. As the National Weather Service marks National Severe Weather Preparedness Week March 2 – 8 and Flood Awareness Week March 16 – 22, CMC Government Supply urges people to act now to create emergency plans and organize kits with supplies for their businesses and families.

To help people prepare for the unknown, the federal government lists recommended supplies for an emergency kit at Light sticks and flashlights, first aid kits, whistles, can openers, emergency blankets, and N95-rated dust masks appear on the list. CMC Government Supply offers all these supplies in one location ( making it easy for those who want to prepare for a natural disaster.

Another important item needed in emergencies is the 4 in 1 Emergency Tool to use when turning off utilities. Offered by CMC Government Supply, the 4 in 1 Emergency Tool is a light-weight durable tool that a homeowner can use to shut off gas lines, shut off water, pry open doors, and dig through debris. Made in America by On Duty, the tool carries a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and is an important tool to have in emergency kits. Learn more about the tool at

Also available from CMC Government Supply is variety of heavy-duty bags made by U.S. Peacekeeper that serve as the perfect container for a ready-to-go emergency bag. For families who prefer to purchase bags that already contain everything needed for an emergency situation, CMC Government Supply also offers pre-made kits, including a large 201-piece kit stored conveniently in a duffel bag. Read more information on this kit at

CMC Government Supply will be featuring emergency products through March 22. Stay up-to-date on special pricing and promotions by subscribing to the CMC Government Supply newsletter at