CMC Government Supply Adds Nightstick Brand Tactical Lights to Product Offering

CMC Government Supply is a new supplier for Nightstick tactical lights made by Bayco Products, a trusted Dallas-based corporation specializing in professional battery and rechargeable lighting products as well as corded and portable lighting products. Available to both Law Enforcement units and civilians, Nightstick lights are designed and built to be brighter, carry a longer distance, and run longer than competing tactical lights. Nightstick lights use the best components, including CREE LEDs, top quality housing materials, precisely engineered reflectors, reliable switches, state-of-the-art electronics, and the latest battery technology. Combining all these factors with Nightstick’s lifetime warranty creates a tactical light that is durable over the years and reliable in critical moments.

Nightstick MT-110 and 120 lights are small, bright, and surprisingly inexpensive. Their small size, detachable pocket clip, and lightweight aircraft aluminum body make them ideal for everyday carry. The 110 is 90 lumens and the 120 shines with 140 lumens. The MT-130 produces 140 lumens with a handy flexible goose-neck light whose main body uses a magnet for mounting to make working in small tight areas brighter.

The TAC-560XL puts out 800 lumens that shines out to 205 meters. Hitting the tail cap switch allows the user to toggle among constant-on high, medium, and low beams, and a disorienting strobe light. Power comes from rechargeable batteries and the light can also run on a pair of CR123 batteries. For a lightweight light, the TAC-300B is made of glass-filled resin and shines 180 lumens to 190 meters.

Another Nightstick tool for Law Enforcement officers is the Model 1170 Safety Light. The light combines a full-strength flashlight and flashing safety lights into one compact tool. Two push buttons control the 150-lumen flashlight and blue and red safety lights. Powered by four included AA batteries, the 1170 light features an optional magnetic base and cone, making it perfect for directing traffic or marking off an area.

Nightstick also makes a weapon light carried by CMC Government Supply. The TAC-300B-K01 is lightweight, has 180 lumens, and attaches to Picatinny or Weaver rails to help Law Enforcement officers identify targets. The light shines to 190 meters or produces a wide halo of light that’s perfect for close-quarters combat. An included pressure switch gives the user complete control over the light and makes the TAC-300B easy to use for almost any long gun.

View the full line of Nightstick lights available through CMC Government Supply at


CMC Government Supply Carries Full Line of SureFire Tactical and Weapons Lights and Suppressors

CMC Government Supply is happy to announce that law enforcement agencies looking for the best tactical lights and weapon suppressors can find SureFire’s full line of products at

One of SureFire’s many tactical flashlights is the small EB2 backup flashlight. Complete with a pocket clip and weighing less than half a pound, the EB2 is a perfect tool for everyday carry with its two outputs—a blinding 500-lumen light and a 5-lumen light. More information about this light can be found at

Another SureFire innovation is its 2211 wristlight that straps on like a wristwatch. Using three brightness levels, the wristlight wearer can overwhelm a threat’s night vision and then easily turn the light to a dimmer setting. The wristlight also works to light up potential targets when aiming a firearm.

One SureFire product that has pleased CMC Government Supply customers is the M80 Picatinny Rail forend ( for the widely deployed Benelli M4. The rail gives officers plenty of room to mount a vertical or angled grip, flashlight, and laser. Many purchasers have given the M80 forend 5-star reviews, with one remarking, “the manufacturer’s description doesn’t even remotely describe how well made this is. It’s high quality thick aluminum. I’m impressed that the tolerances are so tight that you’d believe the stock came with the shotgun.”

A rugged weapons lights that SureFire makes is the popular X300 (, which attaches to either handguns or the forearms of long guns. The X300 blasts a 500-lumen beam of light, which allows law enforcement officers to assess threats at safe ranges. SureFire also makes the X400, which keeps all the features of the X300 and adds a high-visibility red laser light that be used with the light or on its own.

SureFire also builds firearms suppressors that stand up to the rigors of combat use. SureFire suppressors solidly attach to a firearm within seconds and virtually eliminate first-round muzzle flash, they lessen recoil and reduce a firearm’s sound and dust signatures, all parts SureFire’s Total Signature Reduction concept.

For more information about purchasing SureFire accessories, visit or contact CMC at 972-960-0800, extension 1.