CMC Government Supply Giving Away Free Pair of EP3 Sonic Defender Earplugs with $150 Surefire Purchase

CMC Government Supply is offering a giveaway on Surefire products purchased through September 1. Orders of Surefire tactical and weapon lights that total at least $150 before taxes and shipping purchased from CMC Government Supply will qualify for a free pair of Surefire EP3 Sonic Defender Earplugs.  All that is required is to fill out the short form at and mail it with a copy of the purchase receipt to Surefire.

EP3 Sonic Defenders protect wearers’ hearing from loud noises, but don’t block routine sounds so wearers can carry on normal conversation. Patented rings loop around the ears and hold the plugs firmly in the ear canal while staying slim enough to wear with a helmet. The earplugs can also be fitted with filter caps to provide additional protection and to block out lower-level noise. EP3s are made from a soft hypoallergenic polymer that makes them comfortable enough to wear all day. The EP3s are available in three different sizes and can also serve as earpieces for compatible radio communications systems.

SureFire is perhaps best known for its durable and lightweight lights, like the X300 Ultra LED weapon light ( for handguns or long guns. At 4 ounces, the light puts out a stunning 500 lumens and attaches to both Glock and Smith and Wesson handguns.

One of SureFire’s most popular tactical lights is the 6PX (, a light that can put out either a bright 300 lumen beam or a 15-lumen light to extend battery light.

Some restrictions apply regarding the free offer. Learn more about Surefire products available through CMC Government Supply at CMC Government Supply is a popular source for all types of safety and law enforcement equipment and gear. Learn about these products on CMC Government Supply’s website at


CMC Government Supply Wants Officers To Be Ready For Low-Light Situations

CMC Government Supply knows that law enforcement officers face danger daily. One of those dangers can be low-light situations. These situations can occur at any time and having the right weapon light is essential.

Weapon-mounted lights can provide the illumination needed to locate and identify a potential threat. They also can temporarily overwhelm an aggressor’s vision without significantly degrading their own. In order to do that, it is recommended to use a light with a minimum output of 50 lumens of non-diffused light produced by LED light source. CMC Government Supply is proud to offer many different weapon mounted lights to make sure officers have the perfect beam of light at the end of their service weapon. CMC offers great pricing on some of the best selling weapon lights from manufacturers like SureFire, Insight Technology, Streamlight and Inforce.

Some of the lights being highlighted this month are by SureFire. The brilliant output is focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens into a far-reaching beam that provides significant peripheral illumination, making it ideal for close- to longer-range applications. Some of the lights include the popular Scout Lights. Mount the Surefire M300V Mini-Scout Light or the Surefire M600U Scout Light to any mil-spec picatinny rail and gain 120 to 500 Lumens of light.

The SureFire 618LM replaces the original forend of a Remington 870 shotgun. Operated by a compact 6-volt (2-battery) system, this light’s beam is ideal for close- to medium range applications. Two switches are integrated into the forend: a momentary-on pressure pad switch (right side) and a constant-on rocker switch (left side).

CMC also offers Insight Technology lights. Long gun lights like the M3X Tactical Illuminator or the M6X Tactical Light with laser are built to last. They were built for U.S. Special Operations personnel and designed to perform under the most rigorous conditions and survive the harshest environments. They are waterproof to 66 feet. A high-performance LED has a peak output of 150+ lumens. Powered by two 3V 123 lithium batteries, the M3X and M6X LED have a run time of two hours. The long gun backplate, interchangeable with all other M3X and M6X backplates, utilizes a 3-position toggle-switch backplate for Off, Momentary On and Constant On. Pistol versions of these lights with a varying range of power are also available.

Inforce’s Rifle and Carbine Lights are very light and bright. The white multifunction Weapon Mounted Light (WML) provides 125 lumens of penetrating light. It is ideal for for close- to mid-range applications and gives you balanced peripheral light for discernment of the surrounding area. It has a field-programmable white light – from high-to-low or low-to-high – plus a strobe that is easily disabled. The angled activation button is comfortable and easy to operate without interference. The WML is also waterproof to 66 feet and has an integrated rail clamping system that is secure and compact. Two distinct easy-to-operate lockout systems help users to avoid accidental discharge. The WML mounts securely to any Mil-Spec Picatinny rail via an integral thumbscrew clamp. CMC also offers the Inforce Auto Pistol Light.

Streamlight TLR Tactical Gun Mount Lights attach and detach to almost any gun in seconds. The TLR-1 has a 300 lumen output rating, sturdy aluminum housing and a strobe function. Its C4 LED technology stands up to shock and is virtually indestructible. It runs 2.5 hours on two CR123 batteries. Ambidextrous momentary, steady on/off switch is an important feature. Also available is the TLR-1 HL with 630 lumen output, TLR-2 with 200 lumens and a laser, and TLR-4 Compact Pistol Light.

When used correctly, weapon lights can aid target discrimination, temporarily impair a threat’s eyesight and provide a brief advantage required to take control of a potentially bad situation. Officers can get the best products for the best price at CMC Government Supply. To browse the many different models of weapon lights, see