CMC Government Supply Affirms Protective Cases Are Necessary For Sensitive Agency Equipment

Government agencies continuously invest in equipment that will make them more efficient and resourceful to the public they serve. CMC Government Supply understands such investments should be protected and well cared for. NANUK cases from CMC are quickly becoming the most desirable option to other hard case brands to store tools, protect equipment, electronics, instruments, hard drives, firearms, computers, tactical gear and phones due to its superior quality and outstanding performance.

NANUK cases are NK7 impact resistant and MIL-SPEC certified. Military personnel use them on deployment because of their rugged protection. Various colors make them mission ready. They also carry the Waterproof IP67 rating making them not only attractive to those performing naval operations and guarding our coast, but also to anyone who carries valuable equipment on board boats or ships.

925_orange_177_detailEMS and Fire personnel rely on NANUK cases to keep their equipment safe from water, ash and soot while out in the field. With customizable padded dividers, a NANUK case can make an extremely efficient EMS kit. With custom pistol inserts, NANUK cases are used by Law Enforcement agencies to store firearms and other sensitive equipment.

With a lifetime warranty, NANUK cases are the obvious option for storing and moving camera equipment from location to location as well as various other types of cargo. Construction sites can be dusty and can damage sensitive equipment, but not if it is protected by a NANUK.

CMC Government Supply protects their own equipment and gear with NANUK. “We use the large wheeled cases to transport our products to and from conferences and shows that we travel to,” said Debby Parker, Vice President. “The handles and latches on the cases are exceptional and NANUK owners appreciate that.”

More and more people are choosing NANUK as the hard case to protect their important contents.  A unique range of sizes and colors makes them extremely versatile and attractive to various professions. Whether it be a case that stands out in color such as bright orange, yellow, even lime, or a case that blends in like black, olive or gray, NANUK does its job while on the job.

CMC Government Supply has NANUK protective cases available on their BuyBoard Contract making it easy for government buyers to purchase at contract pricing. For more information and to find out which customizable NANUK case is right for you, see

CMC Government Supply Carries the Newest and Largest Wheeled Case from NANUK

CMC Government Supply now carries the newest and largest case from NANUK to protect and transport delicate equipment. Made of high-impact NK-7™ resin with stainless steel hinges and trustworthy PowerClaw™ latches, NANUK cases are designed to meet strict military specifications. The result is a line of virtually indestructible and lightweight protective watertight cases.

The newest NANUK case, the 960, is huge, its interior measuring 22 inches x 17 inches x 12.9 inches. The case is available in four colors and with optional custom molded foam or multilayer cubed foam to carefully hold and cushion equipment. An extending soft grip handle makes the 19.2-pound case easy to maneuver and the 960 is watertight, staying afloat when holding up to 167.6 pounds. And like all NANUK cases, the 960 comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee. Learn more about the 960 at

“Customers who need to transport a lot of equipment will love this case,” stated Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply. “One customer rolled his case through icy slopes, slush and puddles and the NANUK’s wheels kept on doing their job. CMC is proud to provide tough, durable NANUK cases for those who demand performance.”

Another popular NANUK now offered by CMC Government Supply is the smaller NANUK 910 with a custom pistol insert. The foam is cut to fit full-size Glock pistols along with two extra magazines and accessories. The 910 is also available as an empty case or with optional cubed foam padding. One CMC Government Supply customer said the case is “Outstanding quality for the price. It will hold a box of ammo, two magazines and the pistol. My M&P 9 fits perfectly.” More details about the Nanuk 910 are available at

CMC Government Supply offers the full line of NANUK protective cases. View all the available cases at