CMC Government Supply Adds Armor Express Body Armor and Ballistic Protection Gear

CMC Government Supply is proud to be an authorized Armor Express Law Enforcement Distributor offering a full line of body armor and ballistic protection products. Armor Express is a family business based in Michigan.  Armor Express’ owners originally invented concealable body armor in 1971 and they have built the company’s reputation by saving the lives of more than 3,000 law enforcement officers.

Armor Express now makes a variety of products in addition to concealable body armor, including tactical and K-9 armored clothing, as well as lightweight ballistic and riot helmets. Armor Express’ tactical plate carriers range from the minimal-cover Bulldog designed for use by corrections officers to the Wolverine, which is scalable to cover the groin, shoulders, collar, and throat. The company also manufactures a full range of hard plate armor and several types of soft flexible ballistic systems.

These tactical plate carriers and concealable vests are strong enough to protect Law Enforcement officers wearing them, including one officer whose Armor Express vest stopped five bullets. Armor Express employees typically demonstrate the vests’ effectiveness by shooting themselves while wearing the armor. But even with this level of protection, the armor isn’t bulky and it lets officers move freely. The carriers are breathable and are comfortable enough for all-day wearing.

To fully protect officers in dangerous situations, Armor Express makes ballistic helmets out of thermoplastic aramid and glass fabric composites, which allow them to be strong and lightweight. The helmet’s shape allows it to fit a double-canister gas mask, communications sets, and goggles. Riot helmets also available, as are K-9 protective vests. These vests have a top handle for crowd control, two D-loops for short or long leads on leash, and elastic pockets to stow flashlights and tracking devices.

“We choose only the best products so that our Law Enforcement Customers are protected with the best possible gear,” stated Debby Parker, CMC Government Supply Vice President. “We are the right company to be their source for products such as firearms, sights, night vision, thermal imaging, body armor and ballistic protection gear, training aids, clothing and more.”

To learn more about Armor Express products, Law Enforcement departments can visit or contact CMC Government Supply directly by calling 972-960-0800, extension 1.