Most Advantage Arms Conversion Kits and Magazines are IN STOCK for Christmas

Advantage Arms Glock and 1911 Conversion KitsCMC has a huge inventory of Advantage Arms Conversion Kits and Magazines IN STOCK for immediate shipment. CMC is an Authorized Advantage Arms dealer for all of their their .22LR conversion kits and magazines for Glock and 1911 pistols to law enforcement, government and individuals. CMC is located in Dallas, Texas.

Why buy an “Advantage Arms” .22LR Conversion Kit?

  • It allows you to shoot inexpensive .22 Long Rifle ammunition so that you can shoot longer and more often.
  • Turns your Glock or 1911 into an ideal pistol for first time shooters.
  • Makes a great tool for teaching women and young adults how to safely shoot a pistol without the intimidation of larger calibers.
  • Less destructive to targets and surrounding structures when used for law enforcement training.
  • Advantage Arms .22LR kits come with our exclusive “Last Round Lock Open” feature not offered by other manufacturers.

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