CMC Government Supply to Exhibit Firearms and e-Flares at the Sheriff’s Association of Texas Annual Training Conference

Conference scheduled July 17-19, 2011 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

Sheriff Association of TexasThe Sheriff’s Association of Texas Annual Training Conference will soon host the largest composite gathering of law enforcement officers in Texas.  Officers will participate in specialized training and view new products and tactical gear.  As an exhibitor, CMC will be featuring Beretta firearms, such as the Px4 Storm, Tomcat and Bobcat pistols and the full line of Benelli tactical shotguns including the M4.  They also are offering the M2, Nova, Nova H2O and the SuperNova.

Each Benelli tactical shotgun comes with a wide variety of options including open rifle or ghost ring sights and a modular stock system.  Special agency and personal purchase pricing is available through CMC Government Services who is an authorized Benelli Law Enforcement Distributor authorized to sell to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

In addition to tactical weapons, CMC will be featuring e-Flares at this year’s annual Sheriff’s Association Training Conference.  With the unprecedented wildfires in Texas this year, law enforcement departments are sure to be looking for alternatives to chemical burning flares. In order to keep Texas safe from more fires, while at the same time offering peace of mind and officer safety, CMC offers e-Flares which are non-burning environmentally friendly and are currently used by many public safety departments.

CMC will show the full line of eFlare models at the conference. The e-Flare 350 LED that has one color Flashing Beacon available in Red or Amber. E-Flares are a safe and effective alternative to pyrotechnic and chemical flares.  The eFlare 350 features four LEDs and operates on four alkaline AA batteries (30 hour battery life).

The e-Flare Hazmat 510 features 8 LEDs and operates on 2 alkaline D batteries (40 hours). Available in Blue, Green or White.  It is a non-strobe, versatile and portable LED flare designed to use in Class 1, Division 2 and Zone 2 Hazardous areas.  Its features include visibility to 1 Kilometer, waterproof, dust proof, with high strength clips to attach to cones, signs, belts or vehicles.

The e-Flare Hazmat 530 features a 2 color flashing beacon (amber/white; red/white, red/blue, red/amber, blue/white) 8 LEDs and operates on 2 D batteries.

Make sure you stop by CMC Government Services’ exhibit booth while attending the 133rd Annual Training Conference for the Sheriff’s Association of Texas.  Also visit CMC Government Supply website.