CMC Government Supply Is An Official Law Enforcement Dealer For Advantage Arms Conversion Kits

All law enforcement personnel recognize the need to constantly train with their firearm in order to be the marksmen they are called to be. However, with the cost of ammunition, training can eat up a big part of any law enforcements budget. Why not use Conversion kits from Advantage Arms to cut the costs of training and allow your personnel to train even more often?

Advantage Arms .22LR Conversion Kits are available for any full size 1911-A frame made to US government military specifications and almost all Glock models. Conversions kits come in a custom fitted plastic case with a starter cleaning kit which includes a cleaning rod, brush, patches and Advantage Arms AAGL-22 oil. Conversions kits feature a one-year factory direct warranty against defect in material or workmanship.

Other advantages of the .22 long rifle conversion kits are that it turns your Glock into an ideal pistol for teaching first time shooters and young adults how to safely shoot a pistol without the intimidation of larger calibers. It is also less destructive to targets and surrounding structures when used for law enforcement training.

Advantage Arms .22LR kits come with an exclusive “Last Round Lock Open” feature not offered by other manufacturers and they are made in the USA.

CMC Government Supply has Advantage Arms Factory LR 10 Round Magazines for all kits in stock.  The new High Capacity 25 Round LR Magazine for the Glock 17-22 and the 19-23 is also available.  For more information, go to