CMC Government Supply Features EOTech Products For Made In America Month

CMC Government Supply is featuring EOTech holographic sights and magnifiers as part of the company’s Made in America month. The makers of one of the most popular and torture-tested holographic sights on the market, EOTech is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Used by the military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters, EOTech holographic sights and magnifiers are available in many sizes to make staying on target easier with any rifle or shotgun. Most purchases now through January 31, 2013 are eligible for a $60 mail-in rebate, thanks to EOTech’s special promotion.

EOTech’s most popular holographic sight, the Model 512, offers up to 1,000 hours of continuous use with lithium batteries. Designed for quick target acquisition in close quarters situations, the sight gives a shooter a 65 minute-of-angle circle around a 1 MOA aiming dot. With unlimited eye relief, the sight can be mounted anywhere along a standard Weaver or Picatinny rail.

The sight has received a perfect 5-star rating from CMC Government Supply customers. One buyer raved about the 512’s bright sight picture and ruggedness. “They don’t add any significant weight to the rifles. I’m ‘sold’ on the 512 for the price as an aid, especially for my old eyes. Have dropped one AR onto the sight with no apparent damage other than a small scratch on the paint. The holo and alignment were not altered in any way that I can see, and shot just the same. I recommend the 512 for its capability and price.”

Another popular product from EOTech is the G33.STS Magnifier, commonly used in concert with a holographic sight to create a 3x medium-range optic. The G33.STS comes with the new Quick Switch Side-to-Side mount that lets the shooter push and lock the magnifier to the side when it’s not in use, and flip it back for magnified use.

CMC Government Supply customers have been happy with the magnifier with one buyer calling it “absolutely outstanding.” He goes on to say that “this is the absolute best possible choice of magnifiers.”

EOTech holographic sights and magnifiers make great gifts for anyone who enjoys time at the shooting range. And because they’re made in America, the sights are built to exacting standards and each purchase supports American workers.

Throughout the month of December, CMC Government Supply is promoting products made in America by Americans. For a complete listing of CMC Government Supply’s products, visit