CMC Government Supply Encourages Americans to Shop for Products Made in America

In 1985, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation declaring the month of December “Made in America” month. CMC Government Supply encourages Americans to continue support of this tradition and consider products that are Made in America this holiday season.

There are many reasons shopping for “Made in America” products is the right choice when selecting the perfect gift for family and friends.
madeinamericaOne important reason to buy products “Made in America” is that it supports local economy and families.  The companies that manufacture products in the U.S. hire local residents.  Local residents in turn, support local businesses. Strong businesses lead to strong cities. Strong cities lead to strong counties, and so on.

Another reason to seek out “Made in America” products is to support U.S. creativity and innovation.  Americans build excellent, quality products.  It is essential to our livelihood and our future that we enable young engineers and workers to learn and to lead.

“Many Americans prefer to buy American products.  It encourages patriotism, a sense of pride and belonging,” stated Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply. “There are many fine products to choose from. We have quite a variety of items that are made in America.”

For example, this week CMC Government Supply is highlighting products such as rifle parts and magazines from Magpul in Colorado, shotgun accessories from Mesa Tactical in California, sights from EOTech in Michigan, chemical light sticks from Cyalume Technologies in Massachusetts, and all-weather notebooks made by Rite in the Rain in Washington.

Others may enjoy Glock conversion kits from Advantage Arms in Florida, training ammunition from STAction Pro in Florida, or the 4-in-1 Emergency tool from On Duty in California.

One American product that many government departments and agencies as well as businesses including restaurant and retail chains should consider is ArcGIS software by ESRI in California.

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CMC Government Supply Providing ArcGIS To Local Government For Over 25 Years

CMC Government Supply has always offered the best quality tools to help public servants do their jobs more effectively. As a result of this focus, CMC Government Supply has partnered with ESRI for over 25 years and offers ArcGIS for Local Government. A geographic information system is the best way for different segments of local government to combine information in one location and make it more useful for every part of government, including planning, public works, emergency management, and law enforcement.

ArcGIS for Local GovernmentAuditors and planners can use ArcGIS to manage an inventory of properties, analyze land values, and convey zoning regulations. The Tax Parcel Editing map maintains the archive of tax parcels, subdivisions, encumbrances, and related survey framework. Tax collection staff can use the software’s maps to identify, post, and sell tax delinquent properties. ArcGIS also provides public access to property data on smartphones and desktop computers. The Tax Map Book app can produce tax maps and mapping technicians can easily collect and manage road centerlines with address ranges and related mailing address data.

Many local governments use ArcGIS to maintain sewer and storm water records and to plan capital improvements. A collection of web-based maps provide employees information about water, sewer, and storm water records. Maintenance workers use maps and apps to learn about the history of specific areas of piping. ArcGIS shows water violations and makes suggestions for water restrictions, making the software a valuable asset to achieve green goals.

CMC provides ArcGIS to Emergency Management teams who can use ArcGIS to create response plans, easily update structural damage assessments during and after an emergency, and to teach residents about the hazards and evacuation routes. The Flood Planning map can be used by emergency management personnel to study the effects of seasonal flooding and develop response plans.

For law enforcement, ArcGIS means effective allocation of resources to protect residents and property. Officers use the software to visualize crime trends, plan special events, and understand incidents by compiling information into one area. One app allows local residents to submit requests for service in their community from a smartphone or desktop computer. Another feature for law enforcement officers is the ability to conduct field interviews and complete field contact reports.

CMC Government Supply continues to serve as a trusted provider of ArcGIS for Desktop along with ArcGIS extension for detailed analysis like 3D Analyst and more. Visit for more information.