CMC Government Supply on the Road Visiting National Sheriff’s Association and Texas Police Association Conferences

CMC Government Supply is going on the road this month to meet some of the public servants who keep America safe. At both the National Sheriff’s Association Annual Conference June 20 – 25 in Fort Worth and the Texas Police Association Conference June 26 – 28 in Grapevine, Texas, CMC Government Supply will feature some of its products specifically designed for Law Enforcement officers.

“At CMC Government Supply, we proudly serve America’s public servants, the brave men and women who make up our law enforcement force,” says CMC Vice President Debby Parker. “These conferences enable them to come together for education, specialized training and more. We appreciate their dedication to excellence and look forward to meeting Sheriffs from all over the country and police officers from Texas at these events.”

CMC Government Supply is also a BuyBoard Vendor which streamlines the purchasing process for Texas law enforcement. With more than 5,000 purchasing members, BuyBoard vendors have already gone through the competitive procurement process. This eliminates the need for bidding and saves time by offering a variety of products in one location.

CMC Government Supply products available through BuyBoard include Benelli, Beretta, Burris, CTS, Eotech, Mesa Tactical, Nanuk, On Duty, Penn Arms, Tactical Solutions, Team Wendy, Vertx, Rock River, Sako, and SAS Safety.

CMC also provides Law Enforcement agencies and departments from all over the United States with the best possible equipment at the best possible pricing.  Departments and Agencies appreciate CMC’s excellent products, quick response and top-notch customer service.  Law Enforcement officers can send a request for more information to

To register for and to learn more about the Texas Police Association Conference, visit Learn more about the National Sheriff’s Association Annual Conference at A full list of products available from CMC Government Supply is available at

CMC Government Supply Featuring Beretta Pistols and Tactical Shotguns for Law Enforcement

CMC Government Supply is now featuring firearms from Beretta.  From the micro compact Beretta Nano to the full-size PX4 Storm semiautomatic to the 1301 Tactical Shotgun, Law Enforcement departments and agencies can find a firearm to depend on.

The made in the USA Nano 9mm is easy to conceal, use and maintain which makes it easy to choose for a concealed carry firearm.  The Nano is less than 1” wide and just over 5” overall length. The low profile and snag-free design enable it to glide in and out of the holster.  The NANO’s smooth contour and low weight provide maximum comfort for all day carry.  With a polymer frame and advanced metal coating, the Nano is highly resistant to sweat which is important for hot summer days.  It utilizes a removable, serialized sub-chassis and can be easily modified with replaceable grip frames or accessories like laser sights. Also, the magazine-release button on the Nano can be easily reversed for left-handed use.  Ergonomics, size, modular structure and power, make the Nano the best-in-class concealed-carry.

Tested and trusted, the Beretta 92FS has been in the hands of Law Enforcement and Military officers for over 25 years, helping to keep Americans safe. It is a double/single-action semi-automatic pistol that operates on a short recoil, delayed blowback system, which offers fast cycle times, incredible accuracy and greater reliability. The open top-slide virtually eliminates jamming and stovepiping. A reversible magazine release enables the use of either hand for magazine changes. Safety features include an ambidextrous safety-decocker which makes it flexible for right- or left-handed persons or for officers trying out different gripping or shooting styles. The chamber-loaded indicator is visible and can be felt by touch.  Also highly resistant to sweat and corrosion, the 92FS is the choice of military and police professionals everywhere.

PX4 Storm double/single-action semiautomatic was designed to most stringent military standards of durability. The essential simplicity of its design with fewer parts equate to fewer and more solid components bearing stress. Made of proprietary steel, this pistol was developed to be impossibly tough. This pistol features a cold-hammer forged, rotary barrel encased in an ultra-tough slide machined out of solid bar stock. The PX4 Storm’s rotary barrel dissipates recoil away from the shooter’s hand and greatly reduces muzzle jump, making it an extremely fast, accurate and pleasant-shooting handgun. After a long day, the disassembly device is designed to allow the pistol to be field stripped very quickly and easily and to avoid casual or involuntary disassembly. Re-assembly is even easier, with the slide locking automatically when it travels past the rear section of the frame.  The safety system is also extremely reliable, giving the user automatic firing pin block as well as a flip-up ambidextrous manual safety for extra peace of mind.  All this is why a growing number of demanding government agencies and organizations are choosing it and using it in every environment imaginable. It is available in a number of calibers.

If a Tactical Shotgun is required, the Beretta 1301 Tactical Semi-Automatic features an oversized charging handle, large textured bolt release, and an oversized reversible safety button enabling the user to safely grip it and operate the controls. Glove wearers benefit from the aggressive checkering on the fore-end and stock. The 1301 Tactical features a robust, protected ghost-ring system with an interchangeable front sight. With an integrated BLINK gas operated system, featuring a cross gas piston, cycling is extremely fast.  The stock, drop and cast are adjustable to meet the user’s needs. It has a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail which makes it easy to add tactical accessories.

For more information on Beretta featured products or CMC’s personal purchase program for select law enforcement, military and public safety professionals, please contact them at CMC Government Supply is an authorized Beretta Blue Label LE (Law Enforcement) Distributor in Dallas Texas. CMC is authorized to sell to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies nationwide and licensed private security firms.