Laboratory Tested & Certified Glove Protection from Fentanyl – SAS Safety Black Nitrile Raven Gloves from CMC Government Supply

SAS Raven gloves from CMC Government Supply offer Fentanyl protection
Raven gloves offer Fentanyl protection

The patented, 6 mil thick SAS Safety Raven nitrile (latex free) gloves are certified for protection against Fentanyl. CLICK HERE to download the laboratory test report. Don’t just accept any statement from glove suppliers claiming Fentanyl protection, demand to see the laboratory test report before you buy.

CMC Government Supply’s law enforcement and commercial customers are more than satisfied with their purchases of SAS Safety Black Nitrile Raven Gloves. These Black Nitrile Gloves are a popular product at CMC and customers have been very happy with the performance and price of the latex free nitrile gloves.

The Black Nitrile Raven Gloves have numerous uses with Law Enforcement agencies and departments. The powder and latex free gloves are popular because of their usability for those with skin allergies. The textured grip, beaded cuff, and ambidextrous nature make them comfortable to wear as does the great fit with five available sizes to choose from.

These gloves have become very popular with law enforcement. A CMC customer working in a narcotics department says, “After issuing the new Raven Black Nitrile 6 mil gloves recently, our Agents have found their new glove of choice!” Another customer claims, “Nice, heavy duty gloves, perfect for Law Enforcement use.” An IRS Investigator stated, “Every one of our Agents loved these and requests them specifically.”

Law enforcement professionals are not the only customers happy with SAS Brand Raven Gloves, “These come in very handy when I do work on oily/greasy mower parts,” said a CMC customer. They are even perfect for the everyday domestic duties, “They are great for the messy jobs around the house.”

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SAS Raven Glove Specifications:

SAS Safety Corporation RAVEN Professional Black 6 mil deluxe Nitrile Disposable Exam Gloves are sold in cases of 10 boxes of 100 gloves.

  • Powder-Free Nitrile
  • Exam Grade
  • Latex-Free
  • Superior Puncture & Abrasion Resistance
  • Textured Grip
  • Beaded Cuff
  • Ambidextrous
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL & 2XL
  • Case of 10 Boxes of 100 gloves
  • Sold by the Case
  • US Patent RE 35,616

CMC Government Supply Offers a Complete Line of Medical Exam Gloves

CMC is the official government distributor for SAS Safety Disposable Nitrile and Latex Gloves.

SAS Raven gloves from CMC Government Supply offer Fentanyl protection
Raven gloves offer Fentanyl protection

As the official government distributor of the SAS Safety’s line of DERMA-PRO and RAVEN latex free exam grade disposable gloves, CMC Government Supply offers more nitrile gloves to meet to your medical exam needs providing protection and safety to personnel working in the healthcare industry.

Whether you work in a dental or medical office or a healthcare facility, these Nitrile gloves provide a strong barrier to keep patients and healthcare professionals safe. DERMA-PRO gloves are 4-mil nitrile and are stronger and more durable than similar latex or vinyl gloves. Nitrile offers an excellent LATEX FREE barrier against a broad range of bodily fluids and chemicals for incidental splash and contact. Glove stretches to conform to the hand for enhanced dexterity and tactile sensitivity. The rolled cuff gives a better fit and reduces tearing. The powder-free style eliminates any powder contamination. The textured finish offers excellent wet grip for safer and easier handling task.

The RAVEN line offers the maximum protection barrier with 6 mil thickness for maximum puncture and abrasion resistance. These gloves are examination grade with a beaded cuff and textured grip.

“These gloves provide such a high quality for such a good price that most customers are surprised. In fact, our customers are so pleased with this glove that it receives a five-star rating online. It has become one of our best selling products and many dental and medical offices continue to update their supply. These gloves are also great for use in food services, laboratories, auto mechanics, gyms, schools, factories and more,” stated Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply.

In addition, DERMA-PRO and RAVEN gloves are ISO 9001:2000 Certified and come in blue. They are ambidextrous to fit either hand and come in sizes small to double extra large. These gloves are sold by the box and CMC offers free shipping for organizations ordering 600 or more boxes. For more information, go to