CMC Government Supply Shipping the HK Law Enforcement model VP40 .40 Caliber from Heckler & Koch

CMC Government Supply has added the .40 caliber model to the new Heckler & Koch VP striker fired pistol line. The VP40 (Caliber .40 S&W) joins the 9 mm VP9 that was introduced to the U.S. commercial and law enforcement markets in June of 2014.

“Just a year after launching the VP series pistol with the 9 mm VP9, we are thrilled to have a .40 caliber model join the line-up,” said Michael Holley, HK-USA Vice President for Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales. “Last year the VP9 took the market by storm and the VP40 promises to live up to its birthright. For civilian shooters and law enforcement agencies looking for a little more power to go with the VP’s well-recognized superior quality — this is it. Once again it shows Heckler & Koch’s commitment to the U.S. market and American shooters.”HK_VP40-Right_Web

The VP pistol line has been in development for more than four years and its debut marked the return of HK to striker-fired models. Heckler & Koch pioneered striker fired handgun designs with the HK VP70 and P7 pistols more than 35 years ago and was also the first company to produce polymer frame models. The 9 mm VP9 has been one of Heckler & Koch’s most successful products — selling widely — and receiving positive reviews from civilian and law enforcement shooters throughout the U.S.

Wayne Weber, President of HK-USA stated, “Like the 9 mm VP9, the VP40 has been through just about every test and challenge possible. Heckler & Koch’s strict company testing program put the VP40 through just about every trial imaginable; NATO and U.S. NIJ drop tests, water, dust, mud, and sand tests worst that the most extreme environmental conditions in the world.”

VP40 function and abuse tests included firing thousands of rounds of a wide variety of ammunition types through several test pistols. Unlike some manufacturers, Heckler & Koch test fires every VP40 pistol for accuracy and function.

The VP40 has the same excellent, precise trigger that debuted on the VP9. And the VP40 grip can be customized to fit any shooter by using a mix of three interchangeable backstraps and six grip panels.

The charging supports — a feature introduced on the first VP models is present on the VP40 as well. These small, removable wings on the rear of the slide make cocking and manipulating the pistol much easier than other handgun designs. VP pistols also have a safer and easier disassembly process than many competing models.

Covered by Heckler & Koch’s limited lifetime warranty, the VP40 is designed and manufactured in Oberndorf, Germany with HK’s famous long-term durability. The VP40 value priced law enforcement configuration VP40 with tritium night sights and three magazines is now available for $819 SRP. VP40 pistols are shipping now. CLICK HERE for more information.

CMC Government Supply Approved as Heckler & Koch Law Enforcement Distributor

CMC Government Supply offers quality products from many reliable manufacturers. Their products are used by military, intelligence, law enforcement, homeland security, public safety and general government agencies.  CMC is proud to announce that they are now a Law Enforcement Distributor for Heckler & Koch.  Over the past fifty years, Heckler & Koch has been a leading designer and manufacturer of small arms and light weapons for law enforcement and military forces worldwide. HK has a commitment to their customers to deliver the highest quality products, and CMC shares that commitment as well. In addition to offering a variety of HK handguns and rifles, CMC provides law enforcement agencies with a number of options that can meet their needs.

The Heckler & Koch P30 Semi-Automatic Handgun (available in 9mm and 40 caliber) is an excellent police and security pistol. Its tough polymer frame, reliability, and excellent ergonomics make it an industry leader. The Law Enforcement Modification trigger system allows the feel of a hybrid cocked striker-fired trigger, giving a consistent trigger pull through the trigger stroke, while still utilizing the convenience of a double action hammer. A mil standard Picatinny rail system under the frame allows for a wide variety of accessories, and the open notch, luminous sight gives a fast and accurate target acquisition.

The P30 Semi-Automatic Handgun is fully ambidextrous, with slide stops on both sides and a European style release for the 15 round magazines under the trigger guard.  The P30 is one of the most reliable duty pistols on the market. In a 2010 endurance test, a P30 was fired with over 91,000 rounds with no major component failures noted.

The P30SK is the newest handgun offered by CMC Government Supply. A subcompact version of the venerable P30, this pistol has all the features of the P30, but in a smaller design, making it more concealable. It also features a new “light strike V1” setup that only requires 5.4 pounds of force to pull the trigger. An abbreviated Picatinny rail is molded into the front frame, allowing for lasers, lights, or other accessories. The P30SK has excellent weight and balance making them easy to handle, and accurate to shoot.

CMC Supply also offers HK Semi-Automatic rifles and machine guns for law enforcement use.  The HK 416 is the next generation of the M4 platform. It features advancements over the standard m4/AR rifle, making it a reliable and accurate assault weapon.  HK improved the standard direct impingement system and went with a short stroke gas piston system. This system does not require tools for adjustment, and by diverting gases away from the rest of the rifle, allows for reliable feeding under fully automatic firing conditions while keeping the barrel cool to the touch. It also features an improved tool-less gas regulator for suppressor use, redesigned lower receiver, and other improvements.  The HK416 comes equipped with 11”, 14.5”, 16.5”, or 20” cold hammer forged barrels and fully ambidextrous controls, including ambidextrous magazine and barrel releases. With all these attributes, the HK416 gives unsurpassed performance for users from law enforcement agencies to US Special Forces.

“CMC Government Supply offers an extensive range of products for Law Enforcement,” says Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply.  “Our products are selected for their value and quality. Law Enforcement Departments and Agencies, as well as individual officers, can benefit from our excellent products, service and pricing.  By signing up to receive our regular product communications and special offers, they can reap even greater benefits.”

For more information on HK products, visit CMC Government Supply offers quality tactical gear and emergency equipment to government department and agencies through GSA Advantage, or through BuyBoard or online at