CMC Government Supply Notes the Many Uses of Protective Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Disposable Nitrile gloves are a staple every business, agency, department and household should have on hand. CMC Government Supply knows how versatile these gloves can be as they can protect so many, keeping hands clean, no matter what type of work.

Healthcare facilities use these gloves, not only for exams and patient care but for cleaning rooms and handling contaminated bedding, clothing and waste. Sterile lab settings require glove use.  Nitrile gloves are very frequently used in childcare and geriatric care. Even in pet care, such as grooming or providing veterinarian services, professionals can benefit from nitrile gloves.

Because nitrile gloves are multipurpose and designed for more short-term use and frequent changes, they are perfect for the food service industry. Anyone who works frequently with harsh chemicals or reactive agents such as in the janitorial, beauty, gardening or automotive business knows how important protecting yourself can be.

Government departments and agencies protect themselves with gloves.  For example, Law Enforcement officers use disposable nitrile gloves for crime scene investigations and for cleaning important equipment.  Correctional facilities and institutions depend on gloves for their needs as they care for inmates.  EMS and CERT teams need reliable protection when performing medical triage and first aid.

Disposable nitrile gloves can prove valuable in the home.  Hands can be kept clean during food prep, home maintenance, cleaning and more.

In all of these settings, quality gloves are important. CMC Government Supply recognizes this and offers ISO 9001 certified nitrile gloves from SAS Safety.  Models such as DERMA-MED, DERMA-PRO, RAVEN, and the Professional offer superior puncture and abrasion resistance.  These gloves are latex and powder free. Varying levels of protection are offered with thickness from 4 mil to 8 mil.

Having gloves with a good fit and a good grip is also extremely important and CMC Government Supply offers a range of sizes from small to extra-large.  By the case or by the box, have gloves on hand to provide protection on the job.

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CMC Government Supply Puts Safety First During Month Of June  

Safety first is a practice that is always stressed in commercial, military, law enforcement and public services fields. Safety for each other and safety for those that we protect is a very high priority. June is National Safety Month and CMC Government Supply is featuring safety products for use in the workplace, outdoors, home and on the road.

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset, and CMC Government Supply equips corporations with products to protect their workers.  Safety Vests are an important priority for workers who work outdoors, at construction sites, along roads, and more.  CMC carries vests from SAS Safety.  The SAS Safety ANSI Class 2 Vest comes in Hi-Viz Fluorescent Yellow Lime or Orange Mesh is a great option that can be custom imprinted with company names and logos.  High visibility clothing such as t-shirts and caps are also available.

Other important safety products that are a must for protection of workers are Hard Hats like the Comfort Plus 6 Point Suspension Hard Hat from PIP Safety.  This ANSI Z89.1 Type 1, Class G hard hat is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which dissipates impact energy.  It is shock-absorbing yet comfortable.  Work gloves and N95 Particulate Respirator N95 Masks can also protect workers.

Safety goggles and chemical splash goggles protect eyes.  SAS Safety Chemical Splash Goggle has impact resistant polycarbonate lens and special vents which prevent liquid from getting into eyes.  The elastic head strap and soft sides make these goggles comfortable to wear.  In addition, an emergency eyewash station enables employers to protect employees with an OSHA Compliant eyewash station.  CMC offers the SAS Safety Portable Low-Profile Eyewash Station which Meets ANSI Z358.1 standards.

Workers in medical and dental fields and law enforcement must be protected with Nitrile Gloves.  CMC has a variety of these including the DERMA-MED and DERMA-MAX nitrile exam gloves and DERMA-PRO and SAS Raven black nitrile gloves.  Nitrile gloves are also used in the automotive, beauty, food service, janitorial, and fields.

National Safety Month is a time to consider additional ways to keep your and your family safe.  Safety vests are also an inexpensive investment for walkers, runners and bikers or other athletes who are out in low light conditions and need to be seen and be safe.  It is also wise to place some in your vehicle in the event of mechanical problems that force you outside of your car along the road.  First aid kits, flashlights, batteries, and emergency blankets are also valuable to have when you need them.

“There are so many products to protect your workers, your family and your self.  Consider CMC Government Supply your Safety Shop because we have these products,” stated Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply.  “We know how important safety is so we continue to add products that provide the most safety possible at  the most cost effective prices.  For example, we have just added the Cyalume Technologies Product Line.  Their products are made in the USA.  SnapLights light sticks come in a myriad of colors and sizes.  These are a great option to have light in an instant. They last up to twelve hours and are very affordable.  Having these in your workplace, home, and car is a great idea.”

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