CMC Government Supply Offers Eflare Electronic Helicopter Landing Zone Kits for Safe Night Landings

In serious accidents, seconds count. That’s why helicopters are vital to getting victims out of a traumatic situation and over to medical personnel that can help.

Each Eflare Electronic Helicopter Landing Zone Kit comes with four Amber or Red Eflare safety beacons, one blue Eflare safety beacon, five Eflare rubber bases, one zipper carrying case with handles, and a helicopter landing zone instruction card.

The kit features Eflare safety beacons which set the standard for LED warning beacons when used in the application of landing areas for helicopters. Each safety beacon has up to eight bright LEDs. Eflare beacons are extremely durable in harsh conditions.  They are waterproof, dustproof and rugged. They also have impressive battery life using standard flashlight batteries. Eflares avoid the night vision, point fixation and distance judgment problems associated with strobe and incandescent lights.

EFlares are a safe and effective alternative to pyrotechnic and chemical flares and safe to use in no burn and high fire risk areas.  Eflare safety beacons carry ATEX Safety and HAZMAT accreditations.

“We respect the job of commanding and securing a landing zone (LZ). Marking the landing zone is important.  The Eflare Helicopter Landing Zone Kit is easy to deploy and helps to create a safer landing zone,” stated Debby Parker, Vice President, CMC Government Supply.  “Many Police, Fire, EMS and other Public Safety Departments use these at accident and crime scenes where emergency medical air transport is required.”

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CMC Government Supply Recommends Essential Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Baton

The safety of its citizens is of the utmost importance to Public Safety departments and agencies. The use of lighted traffic safety batons while working traffic control, accidents, emergencies, public events and traffic stops is vitally important for both citizens and officers.  That is why CMC Government Supply recommends the Nightstick NSP Model 1170 Traffic Safety Baton to equip officers with the right tool to alert and direct motorists effectively.  This light was designed specifically for police and meets their needs and high standards for quality and performance.

nightstick_nsp-1170_icons_1192_detailThe Model 1170 Traffic Safety Baton is both a full-size flashlight and a flashing safety light. The flashlight provides 150 lumens of brightness with a tight beam which is controlled by a top switch enabling momentary or constant on.  The special Law Enforcement safety light is dual color, red and blue.  Triggered by the bottom button, the colored Blue and Red LEDs light up into constant on mode at a very bright 120 lumens.  With another click of the button, the safety light begins to alternate blue and red flashing color at a wide angle making it noticeable from a distance.  It is a much needed tool for use at night or early morning hours.

The Nightstick 1170 is an all LED compact package where the LEDs have 35,000 hour life.  Nightstick uses highly rated and preferred CREE LEDs in their lights lending brightness and dependability.

Function and comfort were both considered in the design of the Nightstick Traffic Safety Baton. It is lightweight, weighing in at 8.2 ounces.  Officers find the slim and oval shape comfortable and easy to handle or even put in a back pocket.  It has a non-slip texture with soft touch finish that users say feels good in their hands.

Unique add-on options provide even more functionality. An optional orange safety cone can be added to the Nightstick 1170. This combination is very bright and useful in inclement weather conditions. Equally useful is the heavy-weighted magnetic base which includes a padded magnet allowing the light to be attached to any metal surface either horizontally or vertically.  Mounting the light to a vehicle at an accident is desirable for officers working sites alone.  The weighted base also allows the baton to stand on a level surface.  Using both the base and the cone together provides a lighted standing traffic cone.

“Many of our Law Enforcement customers prefer this light for its functionality, performance and value,” stated Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply. “It is very bright and gets attention which is exactly why we want every officer to have one.  It runs on 4AA alkaline batteries which makes it reasonable to operate as well.”

This Traffic Safety Baton costs less compared to equally performing products, making it a great value which is also important to Public Safety departments and agencies.  All Nightstick law enforcement tactical products are produced in Bayco Products’ dedicated ISO 9001 Certified Factories. Performance and quality are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

CMC Government Supply is proud to be an authorized full line government distributor for the full line of the Nightstick tactical lights designed and manufactured by Bayco Products, Inc. For more information on the Nightstick NSP-1170, visit