CMC Government Supply Introduces the Burris Compact 3x-­12x-­44mm Eliminator III Laserscope

Burris, the unequivocal expert in ballistic laserscope technology, is proud to introduce a sleek and compact model to the Eliminator family – the new 3x-12x-44mm Eliminator III. Maintaining the same sophisticated technology found in current Eliminator III riflescopes, this compact offering provides extreme accuracy at extreme ranges.

Burris 4X-16X-50mm Eliminator III LaserscopeEliminator III riflescopes provide precise trajectory compensation for your exact ammunition and range. By programming the Eliminator with the Drop Number and Ballistic Coefficient for your favorite factory ammunition or handload, an exact aiming point can be calculated for any target out to 1,200 yards. With the simple push of a button, the built-­?in rangefinder ranges your target and in seconds an illuminated aiming point is displayed. It also has an integrated inclinometer to automatically compensate for all uphill or downhill angles. Never worry about calculating holdover again – the Eliminator III does it for you at any magnification.

Eliminator III’s feature the X96 reticle, which provides a simple method for calculating wind hold off. Once your target is ranged, Burris_eliminator_x96the reticle displays a 10 MPH wind value that tells you how many dots to hold into the wind. Shooters can easily determine an accurate hold off based on this value for real world conditions. Experience ultimate confidence in the field with the Eliminator III.

Burris Forever WarrantyEliminator III riflescopes feature ergonomic and ambidextrous activation buttons for convenient operation for right and left handed shooters. Parallax adjustment is available from 50 yards to infinity. Like all Burris optics, they’re backed with the legendary, no questions asked Forever Warranty.

The following models are available in the Eliminator III line of LaserScopes:

3x-12x-44mm X96 Reticle 1200+ yard range Overall Length: 13.5”
4x-16x-­50mm X96 Reticle 1200+ yard range Overall Length: 15.5”

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